a refreshing wine cocktail

PULPOLOCO SANGRÍA is a refreshing wine cocktail, in a CartoCan, based on a traditional Spanish Recipe. The best Spanish wine, orange, lemon and a bit of cinnamon. Sweet, fresh, surprising!


The Icy chilly sensation of a thousand litres of water caressing your skin.


The colossal orgy of flavours from only the best freshly cut fruit.


The enticing body and fragrance of the best wines from the finest Spanish wineries.


The blast of joy from the real, wild Mediterranean beach parties.

Enjoy Pulpoloco Sangría wherever you are!

CartoCan® Cardboard friendly packaging

Our CartoCan® concept is an environmental friendly packaging unique in the World.

We carefully choose our materials, manufacturing practices and energy use to minimize
the environmental impact. This is part of our commitment to the environment at every stage!

pulpoloco sangria cartocan ecofriendly

The so called ´Carbon footprint´ when producing this packaging is significant better compared to aluminium and PET.
What does that mean? Well, that the gas emissions are a lot lower basically because a CartoCan® is made up of 50% of renewable materials.

pulpoloco sangria cartocan ecofriendly

 A CartoCan® is made, as it is in the name, of paper for up to 60%.
All paper we use is certificated FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) which means that the origin of the paper is in certified forests by the FSC.