Beach festival ´Zand´ welcomes Pulpoloco Sangría

Pulpoloco Sangría to be launched at one of the biggest Music Festivals in Holland

At Saturday 19th of August all visitors to Beach Festival ZAND can enjoy our great Sangría. ZAND is a huge beach festival held in the city of Almere, near Amsterdam. The line up is impressive with the best Dutch artists at the moment. Such as Racoon, Di-rect, Miss Montreal, Kensington and las but not least Guus Meeuwis.

festival pulpoloco sangria cartocan

This year will be the 10th edition. First time with Pulpoloco Sangría! Saw our beachclip? Than you know Pulpoloco Sangría is a fantastic drink for the beach (festivals….)!!

festival pulpoloco sangria cartocan

The Cartocan is the perfect packaging for these kind of festivals. No glass, less waste and it serves very fast at the bar. Anf of course, a great refreshing summer drink!  After Belgium, Holland will be now the second country were we start to be presenst at mayor Music Festivals.

All people visiting the festival have fun! And take a Pulpoloco Sangría to cool off! If you want to get in the mood allready than see the aftermovie 2017


pulpoloco sangria cartocan ecofriendly festival