Silver medal for Pulpoloco Sangría at ´Convino´

Pulpoloco Sangría was awarded a Silver Medal at the Competition ´Convino´ celebrated in July 2017

We talk a lot about our great and unique packaging, the Cartocan, but as important is our Sangría it self. So, great to be recognized by the ´Convino´ ,  one of the only competitions for ´wine based drinks´ .

The jury described our Sangría as a ´very innovative´ proposal, transgressor and a peculiar Sangría.

Under the picture you can read the full press release by the organisation.

award pulpoloco sangria cartocan bottle

Press release 27-07-17

The competition ConVino  celebrated a very successful second edition, reflecting the quality of wine-based beverages

On July 14, the Concurso Wine Tasting session was held at the ´Escuela de cata de Madrid´, one of the pioneering contests in the sector that values ​​and rewards the best products made on a wine base. A jury composed of professionals from the wine sector, sommeliers and representatives of specialized media analysed and awarded a large number of samples of this type of drinks, increasingly claimed by the final consumer.

A total of 115 different references competed in the different categories to win such distinguished awards. These awards aim to promote and publicize the best drinks made with a wine base, showing its great quality and innovative proposals to an audience that enthusiastically receives these innovative products, which represents an interesting alternative of low alcoholic wine.

Some of the categories most appreciated by the consumer and that are currently showing a great boom in both quality and numbers of proposals are sangrias, summer reds and vermouth, and this fact was clearly reflected in ConVino. Among the numerous products presented to the competition, the great winner in the category of Vermuts was the winery Zecchini, whose vermouths ‘Zecchini Bianco’ and ‘Zecchini Rojo’ have won two gold medals and have been winners in the subcategories of White Vermouth and Red Vermut respectively. Meanwhile, in the category of Sangria and Summer reds (´tinto de verano´), we can emphasize the very meritorious participation of the winery Monte La Reina, that has obtained a Gold medal in this category with its ‘Carolina Inaraja Tinto de Verano’, and a silver medal for his ‘Carolina Inaraja Sangría’. Completing the medals in this category the very innovative proposal of ‘Pulpoloco’, a peculiar sangria that has won a well-deserved silver medal.

Another category that has had a very large participation is frizzantes wines, whose demand increases day by day as they are very refreshing wines, with low alcoholic degrees and easy to drink, which makes them ideal to share them in moments of leisure. One of the wineries that has best known to interpret this product is Ten Centuries of Verdejo, and as such has been recognized in ConVino. Their frizzantes ‘CANTO 5 FRIZZÉ’ in their versions pink and white have been awarded with silver medals, being this last one selected winner of the subcategory of White Frizzantes. As for the sub category of Frizzantes Rosados, the winner has been ‘CON 8 BASTA ROSADO’, from Bodegas Alcardet, who has received a silver medal. Finally, the youthful proposal ‘#freshkito’ of Bodegas Covitoro has achieved a silver medal in the sub category of White Frizzantes.

In this way, the second edition of ConVino concludes by awarding and making more visible these great drinks based on wine, which show their upward trend in recent years, betting on a breakthrough and prestigious image that distinguishes them as gourmet drinks. It is therefore a subsector to take into account, because to its great diversification must be added to the increase in demand by a consumer who knows how to appreciate the originality and versatility of these products.