White is coming

For all lovers or not so lovers of white wine, we bring you news in the form of cartocan, an ecofriendly packaging that does not leave anyone indifferent, as we have already done before. Finally, [...]

“Testing the waters”

VINISUD is the international showcase for the world’s leading wine región which alone accounts for 29% of global production and 28% of global exports with export shares up 6% by volume and 11% by [...]

Do it yourself Sangria Recipe

Enjoy our Sangria Recipe: All you need is a bottle of young red wine, fruit (like apples and oranges), orange juice,  brown sugar, a liquor (brandy or rum), a cinnamon stick and ice. look for a [...]

CartoCan eco-friendly packaging

CartoCan – eco-friendly packaging. In order to do our little bit to help en protect our environment, and our “pulpos”, PULPOLOCO SANGRÍA is “bottled” in a CartoCan. [...]


PULPOLOCO SANGRÍA in a CartoCan will be launged this summer (2017)! One of the biggest novelties in the Sangría market will be launched this summer. Sangría is packed in a lot if different sizes [...]

PULPOLOCO SANGRÍA whats in a name

Why is our Sangría called Pulpoloco? First the translation: Pulpo = Octopus Loco = Crazy So why we named a Sangria as a Crazy Octopus? Because our Sangria gives Crazy Sensations (see the beach [...]